Code Page Support
Date: 5/6/2002
I've put together a rewrite of the font sub system to use Unicode internally. This means better display support for codepages. However Unicode support in the editor isn't done yet. In the mean time people interested in testing the new codepage support can download my code page test.
The test app contains the following new features:
  • Unicode support on all codepage mapping tables.
  • Font sub-system now handles 8Bit+Codepage->Output conversion instead of the calling code having to handle it. This means that all the other parts of the UI are going to start using it by default.
  • Bi-directional Unicode<->Codepage mapping available in the Font sub-system. Used in the editor Copy/Paste.
  • Editor will write a Unicode version of the text to the clipboard and read Unicode from the clipboard. This overcomes to the problem of Windows not supporting anything other than text in the default codepage on the clipboard. When copying from ISO 8859 codepages into a non-unicode app you will lose information gracefully. But there is no work around.
  • Some fixes in the Lgi ClipBoard support for Unicode.
  • Input is correctly mapped from the OS's ANSI codepage into the editors currently selected codepage.
  • New editor menu for converting all the text in the editor into another codepage. The current 'view in another codepage' is still there as well. This conversion is done via converting to unicode temporarily and then converting back to the new codepage. Any characters that don't map will be converted to some 'default' character.
  • The mappings for ISO 8859 3 through 9 and 15 have been added.
If everything in the test app checks out then I'll roll the changes into LGI and thus Scribe/i.Ftp/i.Mage etc.

The next level is writting in unicode support directly into the editor. Which I will do eventually, but until then this sort of codepage support is about as good as it gets.

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