Why Windows Will Die
Date: 7/6/2004
As a lot of geeks can atest to, keeping a family member or friends boxen running is just par for course. In the old days it involved helping them with hardware purchases, rebuilding after HD's die, installing applications for them and even do some basic computer training.

But in more recent times it's turned into configuring firewalls, getting rid of viruses, setting up secure email and update the virus definitions.

However I'm finding out the hard way that Windows is so insecure that I'm basically going to HAVE to migrate all the computers I have to administer over to Linux simpily to survive. The internet is such a acidic environment for the baby skinned Windows that it doesn't stand a chance. I don't have time to be constantly fixing compromised machines anymore.

There are software solutions for this, primarily software firewalls and av software but it's a moving target. And they don't always work as advertised. And in any case the av software is always out of date with the current batch of viruses.

Where as Linux is secure out of the box and requires a great deal of very skilled knowledge to compromise.

People won't go to Linux because they want to, they'll go to Linux because their tech friends get sick of re-build compromised Windows boxen.
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