i.Disk cross platform release
Date: 2/3/2022
Tags: idisk
i.Disk is now available on all 3 platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. There is a roll up of all the changes over the last 2 years. Mostly aimed at better updating of status during a scan and cleaner listing of folders and drives including their free space and total size. This also marks my first attempt at distributing a Linux based appimage. It would be interesting to see if it runs on a variety of Linux systems.
03/05/2022 9:17pm
Still my favorite tool to check for space consuming files on systems fast. Glad the Windows version finally got updated!
05/06/2022 12:04pm
I'm so happy to see an iDisk update. It is still the only size checking tool I like to use for what...two decades now? I've tried a lot of others, but never found one with the simplicity and ease of use of iDisk. I always worry that the next Windows version will break it. Thank you!
26/07/2022 4:45pm
Can’t wait to try this on linux.
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