Forums Re-style
Date: 7/5/2018
Tags: website
I've just finished a fairly major re-style of the forums just now. I hope you like it! Functionally it's still fairly much the same but it's much more modern looking. I tool a little inspiration from the Whirlpool Forums which have a nice design. But kinda blended in my own thing.

I've also added new forums for the different apps that I recently launched. And removed some old cruft as well.

The old forums are still there but I'll removed them once the new version has been tested a little more.
14/05/2018 11:57am
This is a test
quoted string
with some lines
The next line.
some pre

The next line.
14/05/2018 12:24pm
I've fixed the quoting and pre tags to skip the following \n so that the block level elements look correct in the output. This is both in the preview and the final post. Which render using separate code (and languages!).
14/05/2018 1:45pm
I've also converted the body of the notification email to HTML instead of unparsed bbcode.

quote test
pre test

bold test.
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