It's been a fantastic week at Memecode headquarters...
Date: 12/6/2015
Tags: windows
I bought a cheap new Win8.1 tablet. Which was amazing for about 24 hours until I decided that I didn't want the 5gb restore partition and tried to remove it and resize the C: to fill the available space. Yeah that didn't go so well and I think I've bricked it.
  • Said restore partition doesn't have any trouble shooting or repair tools (I did copy it to USB first).
  • I found the BIOS but it won't read an external OS on USB if I set that to the first boot device.
  • The partitioning software crashes at boot on the main C: partition install of Windows.

To add insult to injury my main Windows 7 install on the desktop PC died tonight. It boots to a blank black screen. Safe mode hangs with lots of disk activity. It got stuck on the Paragon HFS+ driver, so I booted into Mac and removed that (copied elsewhere). And I'm trying to fix the disks one at a time with Disk Manager. Currently it's in some sort of infinite loop verifying my Win7 NTFS partition. Sigh.

Seems like all my PCs hate me at the moment.

One thing to be happy about is the fixes to HTML table layout I implemented today. There were some bugs related to table layout for spanned cells that have non-dynamic width specifications that are larger than the available space. And also an off by one error in the block element flow code. Slowly that HTML control is getting quite solid.
06/07/2015 1:12pm
Surprise! Windows 8.1's magic restore partition isn't really a restore partition, it's the base OS. Most things in C:\Windows is just a pointer to that. Look up WIM Boot images.
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