Scribe v2.1 Update
Date: 21/4/2015
Tags: scribe
It may look like nothing is happening but really, there is. I have been toiling away on features and bug fixes in the v2.1 "trunk".
  • Scripting
    The functionality I want is all there in beta form. I haven't however ported any plugins to use it. So this is at least ready for some more testing.
  • Html Editing
    This is probably the least progressed of all the new features. Basic functions work but it's all so very fragile. I've been meaning to valgrind it heavily but the other features have been getting my time so far.
  • Built-in Aspell
    I got this finished to the point where it can self install a dictionary (from an FTP link no less!) today. So it's out of alpha and into system testing. I'll also need to make some changes to the installer to make it part of the base install.
  • Automated Crash Reporting
    No progress so far.
  • Mac Native Look
    Most of the controls now use native paint methods. Which have all been updated to non-deprecated API calls. Also very importantly the string display code now supports sub-pixel positioning, which fixes the selection of text in Scribe causing glyphs to move around in the x direction slightly. Painting isn't perfect yet, but it's a lot better. Ready for beta I'd say.
  • Calendar UI Refresh
    Still partially complete. No recent work.
  • Logging
    All changes completed.
  • Linux Betas
    I've done a lot of work to support arbitrary colour spaces which is heavily used by the Linux port. Also I've fixed a number of increasingly weird GTK interaction bugs. It seems if the bugs are getting weirder and less frequent, then you are reaching a decent level of stability.
Also of note, I've removed all the ANSI api support in the Windows implementation of LGI which means that any hope of running it on Windows 9x is gone for good. XP has been the official minimum for a while now, and now it's cemented in the code as well.
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