Lvc - LGI Version Control


Lvc is a some what mis-guided attempt to abstract away the differences between different version control systems. It's still very alpha. It's cross platform in 2 directions, over different version control systems AND different operating systems.

It only intends to be a GUI for the existing command lines tools: And supports all the platforms that LGI supports:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
The main operations it supports are:
  • Pull / Update - get new versions from the server.
  • Commit - check in new or updated files.
  • Revert - discard uncommited changes.
  • Delete - delete existing files.
  • Push - send your changes to the server.
  • List - show a list of commits.
  • Update - move to a specific commit.
  • Diff - display coloured diffs of changes.
  • Annotate / Blame - show which user/commit modified a particular line.
What hasn't been done:
  • Merging or resolving of conflicts.
  • Proper support for branching.
  • Committing sub-sets of the modified files.
  • Large amounts of bug fixing.
  • Graphical display of commit heirachy.
  • Weird edge cases.
In fact it's extremely alpha at the moment. Lots of things don't work correctly. That said I do use it everyday to pull/push/commit my own git and svn repos.





Windows x64 Mac OS X x32 Linux x64
2.3 MiB, 10/11/2018
1.2 MiB, 21/5/2018
5.1 MiB, 21/5/2018


0.3 [Alpha]
Download: Zip [Windows x64, 2394K, 10/11/2018]

  • Added ability to read in the version of each tool and do specific things based on that.
  • Svn: skip 'status' lines starting in white space... they are informational only.
  • Git: don't use '--porcelain=2' in older versions of git.
  • Added "Browse To" and "Terminal At" context menu options for a folder.
  • Svn: fixed committing paths with spaces in them.
  • Svn: added an 'up' command before log in the post commit cmd sequence. Otherwise the recent commit doesn't show up. Svn is getting less and less cool by the minute.
  • Added a get all "status" button on the toolbar.
0.2 [Alpha]
0.1 [Alpha]
Download: Zip [Mac OS X x32, 1278K, 21/5/2018]
Download: Zip [Linux x64, 5236K, 21/5/2018]