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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
15Bit.cpp15 bit primitives
16Bit.cpp16 bit primitives
24Bit.cpp24 bit primitives
32Bit.cpp32 bit primitives
8Bit.cpp8 bit primitives
Alpha.cppDraw mode effects
Base64.h [code]Base64 encoding/decoding
Ber.h [code] [code]
check-version.h [code]
config.h [code]
beos/Core.h [code]
common/Core.h [code]
linux/Xcb/Core.h [code]
linux/Xlib/Core.h [code]
win32/Core.h [code]
DcTools.h [code]
des.h [code]
FileTransferProgress.h [code]
GAbout.h [code]
GAnonPipe.h [code]
GArray.h [code]Growable, type-safe array
GAutoPtr.h [code]
GBitmap.h [code]Bitmap control
GBrowser.h [code]Simple single window wrapper around the GHtml2 control
GButton.h [code]A button control
GCheckBox.h [code]A check box control
GClipBoard.h [code]
GColour.h [code]A colour selector control
GCom.h [code]
GCombo.h [code]A combo box control
GContainers.cppContainer classes.
Copyright (C) 1995-2003, Matthew Allen
GContainers.h [code]Container class header.
Copyright (C) 1996-2003, Matthew Allen
GControlTree.h [code]
GCss.h [code]
GDataDlg.h [code]Tools for getting data into and out of the UI
GDataGrid.h [code]
GDateTime.h [code]
GDateTimeCtrls.h [code]
GDb-Mysql-direct.cppSimple implementation of the mysql TCP protocol according to:
GDb.h [code]
Gdc2.h [code]GDC v2.xx header
GdcTools.h [code]
GdiLeak.h [code]
GDiskBTree.h [code]
GDisplayString.h [code]
GDocApp.h [code]Extension to the GWindow class to create a document processing application
GDocView.h [code]This is the base data and code for all the text controls (inc. HTML)
GDom.h [code]Document object model class.
Copyright (C), Matthew Allen
GDragAndDrop.h [code]
GDropFiles.h [code]
GEdit.h [code]An edit box control
GFile.h [code]Common file system header Copyright (C) 1995-2002, Matthew Allen
GFileAssoc.h [code]File association query and edit
mac/Lgi/GFileSelect.cppNative mac file open dialog
GFileSelect.h [code]
GFilter.cppGraphics file filters
GFilter.h [code]Graphics file filters
GFilterUi.h [code]
GFindReplaceDlg.h [code]
GFont.h [code]
GFontSelect.h [code]
GHashDom.h [code]
GHashTable.h [code]
GHtml.h [code]
GHtml2.h [code]
GHtmlEdit.h [code]
GHtmlPriv.h [code]
GHtmlPriv2.h [code]
GHtmlStatic.h [code]
GHttpUi.h [code]
GIcc.cppColour management class
GIcc.h [code]
GInput.h [code]
GJpeg.h [code]
GLexCpp.h [code]
GLibArtSurface.h [code]
GLibrary.h [code]
GLibraryUtils.h [code]
GList.h [code]A list control
GListItemCheckBox.h [code]A checkbox for a list item
GListItemRadioBtn.h [code]A radio button for a list item
GLog.h [code]
GMap.h [code]
GMdi.h [code]
beos/GMem.h [code]
common/GMem.h [code]
mac/GMem.h [code]
GMenu.h [code]
GMenuImpl.h [code]
GMime.h [code]
GMru.h [code]
GOpenGL.h [code]
GOptionsFile.h [code]
GPanel.h [code]
GPassword.h [code]A password manager
GPath.h [code]
GPopup.h [code]A popup window
GPrinter.h [code]
GProcess.h [code]
GProgress.h [code]
GProgressDlg.h [code]A progress window
GProgressStatusPane.h [code]
GProperties.h [code]
GRadioGroup.h [code]A radio group view
GRect.h [code]
GRefCount.h [code]
GRegKey.h [code]
GScripting.h [code]
GScriptingPriv.h [code]
GScrollBar.h [code]
GSegmentTree.h [code]
GSemaphore.h [code]
GSharedMemory.h [code]
GSkinEngine.h [code]
GSlider.h [code]A slider control
GSoftwareUpdate.h [code]
GStream.h [code]Data streaming class.
Copyright (C), Matthew Allen
GString.h [code]
linux/GSymLookup.h [code]
mac/GSymLookup.h [code]
win32/GSymLookup.h [code]
GTableLayout.h [code]A control layout manager for font sensitive GUI's
GTabView.h [code]A tab view
GTag.h [code]
GTarFile.h [code]
GTextLabel.h [code]A text label
GTextLog.h [code]
GTextView.h [code]
GTextView2.h [code]
GTextView3.h [code]A unicode text editor
GTextView4.h [code]A unicode text editor
GThread.h [code]
GTnef.h [code]
GToken.h [code]
GToolBar.h [code]Toolbar and Imagelist classes
GToolTabBar.h [code]
GTransparentDlg.h [code]
GTree.h [code]A tree/heirarchy control
GUndo.h [code]
GUtf8.h [code]
GVariant.h [code]Variant class.
Copyright (C), Matthew Allen
GViewPriv.h [code]
GWin32Combo.h [code]
GWnd.h [code]
GWordStore.h [code]
GXml.h [code]
GXmlTree.h [code]
GXmlTreeUi.h [code]
GZipFile.h [code]
GZipLibrary.h [code]
HttpTools.h [code]
IDns.h [code]
IFtp.h [code]
IHttp.h [code]
ILdap.h [code]
ILdapServer.h [code]
INet.h [code]Network sockets classes Copyright (C) 1998, Matthew Allen
INetTools.h [code]General socket / mail-news related classes and functions
IScp.h [code]
ISmb.h [code]
Lgi.h [code]Global LGI include. Copyright (C) 1999-2004, Matthew Allen
LgiClass.h [code]
LgiClasses.h [code]Gui class definitions Copyright (C) 1997-2004, Matthew Allen
LgiCommon.h [code]Common LGI include Copyright (C) 2000-2004, Matthew Allen
LgiConfig.h [code]
LgiDefs.h [code]Defines and types Copyright (C) 1999-2004, Matthew Allen
LgiInc.h [code]
LgiInterfaces.h [code]
Gtk/LgiLinux.h [code]
Xcb/LgiLinux.h [code]
Xlib/LgiLinux.h [code]
LgiMac.h [code]
LgiMsgs.h [code]
LgiNetInc.h [code]
mac/LgiOs.h [code]
win32/LgiOs.h [code]
beos/LgiOsClasses.h [code]
linux/Gtk/LgiOsClasses.h [code]
linux/Xcb/LgiOsClasses.h [code]
linux/Xlib/LgiOsClasses.h [code]
mac/LgiOsClasses.h [code]
win32/LgiOsClasses.h [code]
beos/LgiOsDefs.h [code]
linux/Gtk/LgiOsDefs.h [code]GTK specific types and defines
linux/Xcb/LgiOsDefs.h [code]Linux specific types and defines
linux/Xlib/LgiOsDefs.h [code]Linux specific types and defines
mac/LgiOsDefs.h [code]
win32/LgiOsDefs.h [code]
LgiRes.h [code]
LgiSkinGel.h [code]
LgiSlots.h [code]
LgiWidget.h [code]
LgiWidgets.h [code]Dialog widgets / components
Gtk/LgiWinManGlue.h [code]This is the layer between LGI and the window manager on Linux
Xcb/LgiWinManGlue.h [code]This is the layer between LGI and the window manager on Linux
Xlib/LgiWinManGlue.h [code]This is the layer between LGI and the window manager on Linux
link-warning.h [code]
Lzw.h [code]
Mail.h [code]
md4.h [code]
md5.h [code]
MibAccess.h [code]
MonthView.h [code]
ntlm.h [code]
Ntlm.h [code]
Old GFile.h [code]
Gtk/PangoFonts.h [code]
Xcb/PangoFonts.h [code]
Progress.h [code]
Res.h [code]
beos/Rle.h [code]
linux/Xlib/Rle.h [code]
win32/Rle.h [code]
RtfHtml.h [code]
sha1.h [code]
Smb.h [code]
Smbbyteorder.h [code]
Smbdes.h [code]
Smbencrypt.h [code]
Smbmd4.h [code]
StackWalker.h [code] [code] [code] [code]
Store.h [code]
Store2.h [code]
Store3.h [code]
StoreCommon.h [code]
StoreConvert1To2.h [code]
StorePriv.h [code] [code]
strverscmp.h [code]
Text.h [code]
Ttf.h [code] [code]
vCard-vCal.h [code] [code]
xapplication.h [code]
xbitmapimage.h [code]
xevent.h [code]
xfiledialog.h [code]
xfont.h [code]
xfontmetrics.h [code]
Gtk/XftFont.h [code]
Xcb/XftFont.h [code]
xlist.h [code]
xmainwindow.h [code]
xmenubar.h [code]
xmenuprivate.h [code]
xmessagebox.h [code]
xpainter.h [code]
xpopup.h [code]
xpopupmenu.h [code]
xscrollbar.h [code]
xwidget.h [code]
YearView.h [code]
ZlibWrapper.h [code]

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