MailSmtp Class Reference

SMTP implementation. More...

#include <Mail.h>

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MailSink MailProtocol

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Public Member Functions

bool Open (GSocketI *S, char *RemoteHost, char *LocalDomain, char *UserName, char *Password, int Port=SMTP_PORT, int Flags=0)
 Connection setup/shutdown.
bool Close ()
 Close the connection.
GStringPipeSendStart (List< AddressDescriptor > &To, AddressDescriptor *From, MailProtocolError *Err=0)
bool SendEnd (GStringPipe *Sink)
 Finishes the mail send.

Detailed Description

SMTP implementation.

Member Function Documentation

GStringPipe * MailSmtp::SendStart ( List< AddressDescriptor > &  To,
AddressDescriptor From,
MailProtocolError *  Err = 0 
) [virtual]

Write the email's contents into the GStringPipe returned from SendStart and then call SendEnd to finish the transaction

Implements MailSink.

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