IFtp Class Reference

An implementation of the remote file system interface for FTP connections. More...

#include <IFtp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IFtp ()
 Construct an FTP protocol handler.
char * GetCharset ()
void SetCharset (char *cs)
 Set the charset used for converting ftp listings to local utf.
bool IsForceActive ()
void IsForceActive (bool i)
 Set the active connections only option.
GSocketIHandle ()
 Returns the socket used for the command connection.
FtpOpenStatus Open (GSocketI *S, char *RemoteHost, int Port, char *User, char *Password)
 Opens a new command connection to a remote server.
bool Close ()
 Closes the currently active connection.
bool IsOpen ()
bool GetDir (char *Dir)
bool SetDir (char *Dir)
 Sets the current remote folder.
bool CreateDir (char *Dir)
 Create a new sub-folder under the current remote folder.
bool DeleteDir (char *Dir)
 Delete a sub-folder under the current folder.
bool ListDir (List< IFtpEntry > *Dir)
 List the current remote folder contents.
bool UpDir ()
 Move up to the parent remote folder.
bool DeleteFile (char *Remote)
 Delete a file in the current remote folder.
bool DownloadFile (char *Local, IFtpEntry *Remote, bool Binary=true)
 Download a file from the current remote folder.
bool UploadFile (char *Local, char *Remote, bool Binary=true)
 Upload a local file to the current remote folder.
bool RenameFile (char *From, char *To)
 Rename a file or folder in the current remote folder.
bool SetPerms (char *File, int Perms)
 Set the permissions on a file in the current remote folder.
bool ResumeAt (int64 Pos)
 Set the resume point before downloading a file.
void Abort ()
 Abort the current transfer.

Protected Attributes

GAutoPtr< GSocketISocket
 The command connection.

Detailed Description

An implementation of the remote file system interface for FTP connections.

Member Function Documentation

char * IFtp::GetCharset (  )  [virtual]

the current charset

Implements IFileProtocol.

Referenced by ListDir().

bool IFtp::GetDir ( char *  Dir  )  [virtual]

the current remote folder.

Implements IFileProtocol.

References IsOpen().

bool IFtp::IsForceActive (  )  [inline, virtual]

the active connections only setting.

Implements IFileProtocol.

bool IFtp::IsOpen (  )  [virtual]

true if the connection is open and active

Implements IFileProtocol.

References Socket.

Referenced by CreateDir(), DeleteDir(), DeleteFile(), GetDir(), ListDir(), RenameFile(), SetDir(), SetPerms(), and UpDir().

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