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Font parameters collection. More...

#include <GFont.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Face (char *s)
 Sets the font face name.
void PointSize (int i)
 Sets the point size.
void TabSize (int i)
 Sets the tab size in device units (pixels).
void Quality (int i)
void Fore (COLOUR c)
 Sets the foreground colour as a 24 bit RGB value.
void Back (COLOUR c)
void SetWeight (int Weight)
 Sets the font's weight, use one the weight defines in GFont.h, e.g. FW_NORMAL, FW_BOLD.
void Bold (bool i)
 Set a bold font.
void Italic (bool i)
 Sets the font to italic.
void Underline (bool i)
 Draws with an underline.
void Transparent (bool i)
 Makes the text have no background.
void SubGlyphs (bool i)
 Turns glyph substitution on or off.
char * Face ()
 Get the font face.
int PointSize ()
 Get the point size.
int TabSize ()
 Gets the tabsize in pixels.
int Quality ()
 Gets the quality setting.
COLOUR Fore ()
 Gets the foreground colour in 24bit RGB.
COLOUR Back ()
 Gets the background colour in 24bit RGB.
int GetWeight ()
 Returns the font weight.
bool Bold ()
 Returns true if this is a bold font.
bool Italic ()
 Returns true if this is a italic font.
bool Underline ()
 Returns true if this font is drawn with an underline.
bool Transparent ()
 Returns true if no background will be drawn.
bool SubGlyphs ()
 Returns true if glyph substitution will be done.
double Ascent ()
 Returns the amount of space above the baseline.
double Descent ()
 Returns the amount of space below the baseline.
bool operator== (GTypeFace &t)
 /returns true if the font types are the same
virtual void Colour (COLOUR Fore, COLOUR Back=0xFFFFFFFF)
virtual void Colour32 (COLOUR Fore32, COLOUR Back32=0xFFFFFFFF)
 Set the foreground and background in 32-bit colour.

Detailed Description

Font parameters collection.

Member Function Documentation

void GTypeFace::Back ( COLOUR  c  ) 

Sets the background colour as a 24 bit RGB value. In most systems this is not important, but on BeOS the anti-aliasing is done from the foreground colour to the background colour with no regards for what is underneath the rendered text, thus you need to set the back colour correctly

virtual void GTypeFace::Colour ( COLOUR  Fore,
) [virtual]

Set the foreground and background in 24-bit colour.

See also:
GTypeFace::Fore() and GTypeFace::Back()

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