GToken Class Reference

A simple token parser. More...

#include <GToken.h>

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GArray< char * >

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Public Member Functions

void Parse (char *Str, char *Delimiters=" \r\n\t,", bool GroupDelim=true, int Length=-1)
 Parses a string with set delimiters.
void Empty ()
 Empties the object.
void AppendTokens (GArray< char * > *T)
 Appends some tokens on the end of this list.
char *& operator[] (uint32 i)
 Returns a reference a given entry.

Detailed Description

A simple token parser.

Member Function Documentation

char*& GToken::operator[] ( uint32  i  )  [inline]

Returns a reference a given entry.

If the entry is off the end of the array and "fixed" is false, it will grow to make it valid.

Reimplemented from GArray< char * >.

References GArray< Type >::Length().

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