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#include <GTableLayout.h>

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GLayout GDom GView

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Public Member Functions

char * GetClass ()
int CellX ()
 Return the number of cells across (columns).
int CellY ()
 Returns the number of cell high (rows).
GLayoutCellCellAt (int x, int y)
 Returns the cell at a given location.
GRect GetUsedArea ()
 Returns area being used by cells.
void InvalidateLayout ()
 Invalidates the layout, causing the control to relay all the children.
void OnFocus (bool b)
 The view gains or loses the keyboard focus.
void OnCreate ()
 The view is attached.
void OnPosChange ()
 Called when the view position changes.
void OnPaint (GSurface *pDC)
 Called to paint the onscreen representation of the view.
void OnChildrenChanged (GViewI *Wnd, bool Attaching)
 Called when the contents of the Children list have changed.

Detailed Description

A table layout control. This uses techniques similar to HTML table layout to set the position and size of the child controls. Child controls exist in a particular cell of the table. Cells can span multiple rows and columns. The only way to create/edit these at the moment is via the lr8 resource file and LgiRes.

Member Function Documentation

char* GTableLayout::GetClass (  )  [inline]

The class' name. Should be overriden in child classes to return the right class name. Mostly used for debugging, but in the win32 port it is also the default WIN32 class name passed to RegisterClass() in GView::CreateClass().

the Class' name for debugging

Reimplemented from GLayout.

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