GStream Member List

This is the complete list of members for GStream, including all inherited members.

Clone()GStream [inline, virtual]
Close()GStream [inline, virtual]
GetPos()GStream [inline, virtual]
GetSize()GStream [inline, virtual]
GDom::GetValue(char *Var, GVariant &Value)GDom
IsOpen()GStream [inline, virtual]
Open(char *Str=0, int Int=0)GStream [inline, virtual]
Print(char *Format,...)GStream [virtual]
Read(void *Buffer, int Size, int Flags=0)GStream [inline, virtual]
SetPos(int64 Pos)GStream [inline, virtual]
SetSize(int64 Size)GStream [inline, virtual]
GDom::SetValue(char *Var, GVariant &Value)GDom
Write(void *Buffer, int Size, int Flags=0)GStream [inline, virtual]

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