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#include <GSlider.h>

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GControl GView

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Public Member Functions

char * GetClass ()
void Value (int64 i)
 Sets the position of the slider.
int64 Value ()
 Gets the position of the slider.
void GetLimits (int64 &x, int64 &y)
 Gets the limits of the slider.
void SetLimits (int64 x, int64 y)
 Sets the limits of the slider.
int OnEvent (GMessage *Msg)
 Called to process every message received by this window.

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Member Function Documentation

char* GSlider::GetClass (  )  [inline]

The class' name. Should be overriden in child classes to return the right class name. Mostly used for debugging, but in the win32 port it is also the default WIN32 class name passed to RegisterClass() in GView::CreateClass().

the Class' name for debugging

Reimplemented from GView.

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