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An item an a menu. More...

#include <GMenu.h>

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Public Member Functions

GSubMenuCreate ()
 Creates a sub menu off the item.
bool Remove ()
 Removes the item from it's place in the menu but doesn't delete it.
GSubMenuGetParent ()
 Returns the parent sub menu.
bool ScanForAccel ()
 Scans the text of the item for a keyboard shortcut.
OsMenuItem Handle ()
 Returns the OS handle for the menuitem.
void Id (int i)
 Set the id.
void Separator (bool s)
 Turn the item into a separator.
void Checked (bool c)
 Put a check mark on the item.
bool Name (char *n)
 Set the text of the item.
void Enabled (bool e)
 Enable or disable the item.
void Sub (GSubMenu *s)
 Attach a sub menu to the item.
void Icon (int i)
 Set the icon for the item. The icon is stored in the GMenu's image list.
int Id ()
 Get the id.
char * Name ()
 Get the text of the item.
bool Separator ()
 Return whether this item is a separator.
bool Checked ()
 Return whether this item has a check mark.
bool Enabled ()
 Return whether this item is enabled.
GSubMenuSub ()
 Return whether this item's submenu.
int Icon ()
 Return the icon of this this.


class GSubMenu
class GMenu
class GView

Detailed Description

An item an a menu.

Member Function Documentation

bool GMenuItem::Name ( char *  n  ) 

Set the text of the item.

See also:

References Name().

Referenced by GSubMenu::AppendItem(), and GSubMenu::AppendSub().

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