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GItem for populating a GList. More...

#include <GList.h>

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Public Member Functions

GListGetList ()
 Get the owning list.
List< GListItemColumn > * GetItemCols ()
 Gets the GListItemColumn's.
bool SetText (char *s, int i=0)
 Set the text for a given column.
char * GetText (int i)
 Get the text for a given column.
int GetImage (int Flags=0)
void SetImage (int i)
 Sets the icon index.
bool Select ()
 Returns true if selected.
void Select (bool b)
 Changes the selection start of the control.
GRectGetPos (int Col=-1)
 Gets the on screen position of the field at column 'col'.
bool OnScreen ()
 True if the item is visible.
void Update ()
 Update the text cache and display the updated data.
void ScrollTo ()
 Moves the item on screen if not visible.
void SetEditLabelSelection (int SelStart, int SelEnd)
 Sets the default selection of text when editing a label.
GViewEditLabel (int Col=-1)
 Opens an editbox over a column to let the user edit the value.
void OnMouseClick (GMouse &m)
 Called when the item is clicked.
void OnMeasure (GMeasureInfo *Info)
 Called when the owning container needs to know the size of the item.
void OnPaint (GItem::ItemPaintCtx &Ctx)
 Called when the item needs painting.


class GList
class GListColumn

Detailed Description

GItem for populating a GList.

Member Function Documentation

int GListItem::GetImage ( int  Flags = 0  )  [virtual]

Get the icon index to display in the '0th' column. The image list is stored in the parent GList.

Reimplemented from GItem.

char * GListItem::GetText ( int  i  )  [virtual]

Get the text for a given column.

Override this in your GListItem based class to return the text for a column. Otherwise call SetText to store the text in the control.

A string
i  The index of the column.

Reimplemented from GItem.

Referenced by GListColumn::GetContentSize(), and GTimeDrop::OnNotify().

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