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#include <GInput.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GInput (GViewI *parent, char *InitStr="", char *Msg="Enter String", char *Title="Input", bool Password=false, GInputCallback callback=0, void *CallbackParam=0)
 Constructs the dialog.
int OnNotify (GViewI *Ctrl, int Flags)
 Called when a child view or view with it's SetNotify() set to this window changes.

Detailed Description

This class displays a window with a message and an edit box to enter a string. Once constructed, use the GDialog::DoModal() call to run the input window, it returns TRUE if 'Ok' is clicked.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GInput::GInput ( GViewI *  parent,
char *  InitStr = "",
char *  Msg = "Enter String",
char *  Title = "Input",
bool  Password = false,
GInputCallback  callback = 0,
void *  CallbackParam = 0 

Constructs the dialog.

parent  The parent view
InitStr  The initial value in the edit box
Msg  The message to display in the text box
Title  The title of the window
Password  True if you want the edit box characters hashed out for a password
callback  [Optional] If this parameter is supplied then a "..." button is added to the dialog. If clicked the callback is called with the dialog and editbox control ptrs.
CallbackParam  [Optional] Callback user parameter

References GButton::Default(), GEdit::Focus(), GWindow::GetClient(), GView::GetPos(), IDCANCEL, IDOK, List< Type >::Insert(), LGI_MET_DECOR_X, LGI_MET_DECOR_Y, LgiApp, GView::MoveToCenter(), GWindow::Name(), GRect::Offset(), GEdit::Password(), GView::SetParent(), GView::SetPos(), GWindow::SetPos(), SysFont, GRect::X(), GView::X(), GDisplayString::X(), GRect::x1, GRect::x2, GRect::Y(), GDisplayString::Y(), GView::Y(), GRect::y1, and GRect::y2.

Member Function Documentation

int GInput::OnNotify ( GViewI *  Ctrl,
int  Flags 

Called when a child view or view with it's SetNotify() set to this window changes.

The event by default will bubble up to the GWindow at the top of the window heirarchy visiting each GView on the way. If it reaches a GView that processes it then the event stops propergating up the heirarchy.

Reimplemented from GView.

References GDialog::EndModal(), IDCANCEL, IDOK, and GEdit::Name().

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