GInlineBmp Class Reference

Defines a bitmap inline in C++ code. More...

#include <Gdc2.h>

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Public Member Functions

GSurfaceCreate ()
 Creates a memory DC of the image.

Public Attributes

int X
 The width of the image.
int Y
 The height of the image.
int Bits
 The bitdepth of the image (8, 15, 16, 24, 32).
 Pointer to the raw data.

Detailed Description

Defines a bitmap inline in C++ code.

The easiest way I know of create the raw data for an GInlineBmp is to use i.Mage to load a file or create a image and then use the Edit->Copy As Code menu. Then paste into your C++ and put a uint32 array declaration around it. Then point the Data member to the uint32 array. Just be sure to get the dimensions right.

I use this for embeding resource images directly into the code so that a) they load instantly and b) they can't get lost as a separate file.

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