GFontType Class Reference

Font type information and system font query tools. More...

#include <GFont.h>

Inherited by _OsFontType.

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Public Member Functions

char * GetFace ()
 Gets the type face name.
void SetFace (char *Face)
 Sets the type face name.
int GetPointSize ()
 Sets the point size.
void SetPointSize (int PointSize)
 Sets the point size.
bool DoUI (GView *Parent)
 Put a user interface for the user to edit the font def.
bool GetDescription (char *Str)
 Describe the font to the user as a string.
bool Serialize (GDom *Options, char *OptName, bool Write)
 Read/Write the font def to storage.
bool GetConfigFont (char *Tag)
 Read the font from the LGI config.
bool GetSystemFont (char *Which)
 Read the font from LGI config (if there) and then the system settings.
bool GetFromRef (OsFont Handle)
 Read from OS reference.
virtual GFontCreate (int Param=0)
 Create a font based on this font def.


class GFont
class GTypeFace

Detailed Description

Font type information and system font query tools.

Member Function Documentation

bool GFontType::Serialize ( GDom Options,
char *  OptName,
bool  Write 

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