GFontSystem Class Reference

Overall font system class. More...

#include <GFont.h>

Inherits GLibrary.

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Public Member Functions

bool EnumerateFonts (List< char > &Fonts)
 Enumerate all installed fonts.
bool GetGlyphSubSupport ()
 Returns whether the current Lgi implementation supports glyph sub.
bool GetDefaultGlyphSub ()
 Returns whether glyph sub is currently turned on.
void SetDefaultGlyphSub (bool i)
 Turns the glyph sub feature on or off.
GFontGetGlyph (int u, GFont *UserFont)
 Returns a font that can render the specified unicode code point.
GFontGetBestFont (char *Str)

Static Public Member Functions

static GFontSystemInst ()
 Get a pointer to the font system.


class GApp
class GDisplayString

Detailed Description

Overall font system class.

Member Function Documentation

GFont * GFontSystem::GetBestFont ( char *  Str  ) 

This looks for a font that can contains the most glyphs for a given string, ideally it can render the whole thing. But the next best alternative is returned when no font matches all characters in the string.

References List< Type >::First(), GetGlyph(), List< Type >::Insert(), List< Type >::Next(), and SysFont.

GFont * GFontSystem::GetGlyph ( int  u,
GFont UserFont 

Returns a font that can render the specified unicode code point.

u  A utf-32 character
UserFont  The base font used for rendering

References GFont::Create(), List< Type >::Current(), List< Type >::Delete(), EnumerateFonts(), GTypeFace::Face(), List< Type >::First(), GFont::GetGlyphMap(), List< Type >::Insert(), Inst(), LGI_OS_LINUX, LGI_OS_WIN9X, LGI_OS_WINNT, and List< Type >::Next().

Referenced by GetBestFont().

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