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#include <GFont.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GFont (char *face=0, int point=-1)
 Construct from face/pt size.
 GFont (OsFont Handle)
 Construct from OS font handle.
 GFont (GFontType &Type)
 Construct from type information.
 GFont (GFont &Fnt)
 Copy constructor.
bool Create (char *Face=0, int PtSize=-1, int Param=0)
 Creates a new font handle with the specified face / pt size.
bool Create (GFontType *Type, int Param=0)
 Creates a new font from type infomation.
bool Destroy ()
 Clears any handles and memory associated with the object.
OsFont Handle ()
 Returns the OS font handle.
GFontoperator= (GFont &f)
 Copies the font.
int GetHeight ()
 Returns the pixel height of the font.
int GetParam ()
 Gets the creation parameter passed in (0 by default).
uchar * GetGlyphMap ()
 Get supported glyphs.
double GetAscent ()
 Gets the ascent.
double GetDescent ()
 Gets the descent.


class GFontSystem

Detailed Description

Font class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GFont::GFont ( char *  face = 0,
int  point = -1 

Construct from face/pt size.

face  Font face name
point  Point size of the font

Member Function Documentation

bool GFont::Create ( char *  Face = 0,
int  PtSize = -1,
int  Param = 0 

Creates a new font handle with the specified face / pt size.

Face  The new font face
PtSize  The pt size
Param  An OS specific parameter. This is typically a Win32 HDC when creating a font for printing.

References GTypeFace::Bold(), Destroy(), GTypeFace::Face(), FW_BOLD, GFontType::Info, GFontSystem::Inst(), GTypeFace::Italic(), LGI_OS_WIN9X, GTypeFace::PointSize(), GTypeFace::Quality(), SysFont, GTypeFace::Underline(), and GDisplayString::Y().

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