GDocumentEnv Class Reference

An environment class to handle requests from the text view to the outside world. More...

#include <GDocView.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool AppendItems (GSubMenu *Menu, int Base=1000)
virtual bool OnMenu (GDocView *View, int Id, void *Context)
virtual LoadType GetContent (LoadJob *&j)
void OnDone (GThreadJob *j)
 After the env's thread loads the resource it calls this to pass it to the doc.
virtual bool OnNavigate (char *Uri)
 Handle a click on URI.
virtual char * OnDynamicContent (char *Code)
virtual bool OnCompileScript (char *Script, char *Language, char *MimeType)
 Some script was received, the owner should compile it.
virtual bool OnExecuteScript (char *Script)
 Some script needs to be executed, the owner should compile it.

Detailed Description

An environment class to handle requests from the text view to the outside world.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool GDocumentEnv::AppendItems ( GSubMenu Menu,
int  Base = 1000 
) [inline, virtual]

Creating a context menu, usually when the user right clicks on the document.

Referenced by GTextView3::OnMouseClick().

virtual LoadType GDocumentEnv::GetContent ( LoadJob *&  j  )  [inline, virtual]

Asks the env to get some data linked from the document, e.g. a css file or an iframe source etc. If the GetContent implementation takes ownership of the job pointer then it should set 'j' to NULL.

Reimplemented in GDefaultDocumentEnv.

Referenced by Html2::GHtml2::OnMouseClick().

virtual char* GDocumentEnv::OnDynamicContent ( char *  Code  )  [inline, virtual]

Process dynamic content, returning a dynamically allocated string for the result of the executed script. Dynamic content is enclosed between <? and ?>.

virtual bool GDocumentEnv::OnMenu ( GDocView View,
int  Id,
void *  Context 
) [inline, virtual]

Do something when the menu items created by GDocumentEnv::AppendItems are clicked.

Referenced by GTextView3::OnMouseClick().

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