GDataPropI Class Reference

A generic interface for getting / setting properties. More...

#include <Store3.h>

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GDom GDataI GDataStoreI GDataFolderI

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Public Member Functions

virtual GDataPropIoperator= (GDataPropI &p)
 Copy all the values from 'p' over to this object.
virtual char * GetStr (int id)
 Gets a string property.
virtual bool SetStr (int id, char *str)
virtual int GetInt (int id)
 Gets an integer property.
virtual bool SetInt (int id, int i)
 Sets an interger property.
virtual GDateTimeGetDate (int id)
 Gets a date property.
virtual bool SetDate (int id, GDateTime *i)
 Sets a date property.
virtual GDataPropIGetObj (int id)
 Gets a sub object pointer.
virtual GDataIt GetList (int id)
 Gets an iterator interface to a list of sub-objects.
virtual bool SetMime (GAutoPtr< GMime > m)
 Set the mime segments.

Detailed Description

A generic interface for getting / setting properties.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool GDataPropI::SetStr ( int  id,
char *  str 
) [inline, virtual]

Sets a string property, it will make a copy of the string, so you still retain ownership of the string you're passing in.

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