GDataI Class Reference

#include <Store3.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual GDataIoperator= (GDataI &p)=0
 Copy all the values from 'p' over to this object.
virtual int Type ()=0
virtual bool IsOnDisk ()=0
virtual bool IsOrphan ()=0
virtual uint64 Size ()=0
virtual bool Save (GDataI *Parent=0)=0
virtual Store3Status Delete ()=0
virtual GDataStoreIGetStore ()=0
 Gets the storage that this object belongs to.
virtual GAutoStreamI GetStream (char *file, int line)=0
virtual bool SetStream (GAutoStreamI stream)

Detailed Description

This class is an interface between the UI and the backend for things like email, contacts, calendar events, groups and filters

Member Function Documentation

virtual Store3Status GDataI::Delete (  )  [pure virtual]

Delete the on disk representation of the object. This will cause GDataEventsI::OnDelete to be called after which this object will be freed from heap memory automatically. So Once you call this method assume the object pointed at is gone.

virtual GAutoStreamI GDataI::GetStream ( char *  file,
int  line 
) [pure virtual]

a stream to access the data stored at this node. The caller is responsible to free the stream when finished with it.

virtual bool GDataI::IsOnDisk (  )  [pure virtual]

true if the object has been written to disk. By default the object starts life in memory only.

virtual bool GDataI::IsOrphan (  )  [pure virtual]

true if the object is owned by some other object...

virtual bool GDataI::Save ( GDataI Parent = 0  )  [pure virtual]

Saves the object to disk. If this function fails the object is deleted, so if it returns false, stop using the ptr you have to it.

true if successful.

virtual bool GDataI::SetStream ( GAutoStreamI  stream  )  [inline, virtual]

Sets the stream, which is used during the next call to GDataI::Save, which also deletes the object when it's used. The caller loses ownership of the object passed into this function.

virtual uint64 GDataI::Size (  )  [pure virtual]

size of object on disk

virtual int GDataI::Type (  )  [pure virtual]

Returns the type of object

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