GDataEventsI Class Reference

#include <Store3.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Post (GDataStoreI *store, void *Param)
virtual bool GetSystemPath (int Folder, GVariant &Path)
virtual GOptionsFile * GetOptions (bool Create=false)
virtual void OnNew (GDataFolderI *parent, GArray< GDataI * > &new_items, int pos, bool is_new)=0
 A new item is available.
virtual bool OnDelete (GDataFolderI *parent, GArray< GDataI * > &items)=0
 When an item is deleted.
virtual bool OnMove (GDataFolderI *new_parent, GDataFolderI *old_parent, GArray< GDataI * > &items)=0
 When an item is moved to a new folder.
virtual bool OnChange (GArray< GDataI * > &items, int FieldHint)=0
 When an item changes.
virtual void OnIntPropChange (GDataStoreI *store, int prop)
 Notifcation of integer property change.
virtual void OnStrPropChange (GDataStoreI *store, int prop)
 Notifcation of string property change.
virtual GStreamI * GetLogger (GDataStoreI *store)
 Get the logging stream.
virtual bool Match (GDataStoreI *store, GDataPropI *Addr, int ObjectType, GArray< GDataI * > &Matches)
 Search for a object by type and name.

Detailed Description

Event callback interface. Calls to these methods may be in a worker thread, so make appropriate locking or pass the event off to the GUI thread via a message.

Member Function Documentation

virtual GOptionsFile* GDataEventsI::GetOptions ( bool  Create = false  )  [inline, virtual]

the options object

virtual bool GDataEventsI::GetSystemPath ( int  Folder,
GVariant Path 
) [inline, virtual]

the system path

virtual void GDataEventsI::Post ( GDataStoreI store,
void *  Param 
) [inline, virtual]

Posts something to the GUI thread

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