GCompilerPriv Member List

This is the complete list of members for GCompilerPriv, including all inherited members.

AllocConst(GVarRef &r, double d)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AllocConst(GVarRef &r, int i)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AllocConst(GVarRef &r, char *s, int len=-1)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AllocConst(GVarRef &r, char16 *s, int len)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AllocNull(GVarRef &r)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AllocReg(GVarRef &r, char *file, int line)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Asm0(int Tok, uint8 Op)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Asm1(int Tok, uint8 Op, GVarRef a)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Asm2(int Tok, uint8 Op, GVarRef a, GVarRef b)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Asm3(int Tok, uint8 Op, GVarRef a, GVarRef b, GVarRef c)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Asm4(int Tok, uint8 Op, GVarRef a, GVarRef b, GVarRef c, GVarRef d)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AsmExpression(GVarRef *Result, GArray< Node > &n, int Depth=0)GCompilerPriv [inline]
AssignVarRef(Node &n, GVarRef &Value)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Compile()GCompilerPriv [inline]
DeallocReg(GVarRef &r)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoExpression(int &Cur, GVarRef *Result)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoFor(int &Cur)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoIf(int &Cur)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoReturn(int &Cur)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoStatements(int &Cur, bool MoreThanOne=true)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoStruct(int &Cur)GCompilerPriv [inline]
DoWhile(int &Cur)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Expression(int &Cur, GArray< Node > &n, int Depth=0)GCompilerPriv [inline]
FindVariable(GVariant &Name, bool Create)GCompilerPriv [inline]
Lex(char *Source, char *FileName)GCompilerPriv [inline]
RegAllocCount()GCompilerPriv [inline]
TokenToVarRef(Node &n)GCompilerPriv [inline]

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