GCharset Class Reference

Charset information class. More...

#include <GFont.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GCharset (char *cp=0, char *des=0, short *map=0, char *alt=0)
bool IsUnicode ()
 Returns true if the charset is a unicode variant.
char * GetIconvName ()
 Gets the iconv name.
bool IsAvailable ()
 Returns whether Lgi can convert to/from this charset at the moment.

Public Attributes

char * Charset
 Standard charset name.
char * Description
 Human description.
short * UnicodeMap
 128 shorts that map the 0x80-0xff range to unicode
char * IconvName
 Charset's name for calling iconv.
char * AlternateNames
 Comma separated list of alternate names used for this charset.
GCharSetType Type
 General type of the charset.

Detailed Description

Charset information class.
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