GApplicator Class Reference

Class to draw onto a memory bitmap. More...

#include <Gdc2.h>

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GAlphaApp GdcApp15 GdcApp16 GdcApp24 GdcApp32 GdcApp8

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Public Member Functions

virtual int GetVar (int Var)
 Get a parameter.
virtual int SetVar (int Var, int Value)
 Set a parameter.
void SetOp (int o)
 Sets the operator.
int GetOp ()
 Gets the operator.
int GetBits ()
 Gets the bit depth.
int GetFlags ()
 Gets the flags in operation.
GPaletteGetPal ()
 Gets the palette.
virtual bool SetSurface (GBmpMem *d, GPalette *p=0, GBmpMem *a=0)=0
 Sets the bitmap to write onto.
virtual void SetPtr (int x, int y)=0
 Sets the current position to an x,y.
virtual void IncX ()=0
 Moves the current position one pixel left.
virtual void IncY ()=0
 Moves the current position one scanline down.
virtual void IncPtr (int X, int Y)=0
 Offset the current position.
virtual void Set ()=0
 Sets the pixel at the current location with the current colour.
virtual COLOUR Get ()=0
 Gets the colour of the pixel at the current location.
virtual void VLine (int height)=0
 Draws a vertical line from the current position down 'height' scanlines.
virtual void Rectangle (int x, int y)=0
 Draws a rectangle starting from the current position, 'x' pixels across and 'y' pixels down.
virtual bool Blt (GBmpMem *Src, GPalette *SPal, GBmpMem *SrcAlpha=0)=0
 Copies bitmap data to the current position.

Detailed Description

Class to draw onto a memory bitmap.

This class assumes that all clipping is done by the layer above. It can then implement very simple loops to do the work of filling pixels

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