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A simple about dialog. More...

#include <GAbout.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GAbout (GView *parent, char *AppName, double Ver, char *Text, char *AboutGraphic, char *Url, char *Email)
int OnNotify (GViewI *Ctrl, int Flags)
 Called when a child view or view with it's SetNotify() set to this window changes.

Detailed Description

A simple about dialog.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GAbout::GAbout ( GView parent,
char *  AppName,
double  Ver,
char *  Text,
char *  AboutGraphic,
char *  Url,
char *  Email 


parent  The parent window
AppName  The application name
Ver  The version
Text  The description of the application
AboutGraphic  The filename of a graphic to display
Url  URL for the app
Email  Support email addr for the app

References GFontType::Create(), GViewFactory::Create(), GRect::Dimension(), GDialog::DoModal(), GFontType::GetSystemFont(), GDocView::GetTextExtent(), IDOK, List< Type >::Insert(), LC_MED, GView::MoveToCenter(), GView::Name(), GWindow::Name(), GStringPipe::NewStr(), GStream::Print(), GDocView::SetCursor(), GDocView::SetEnv(), GView::SetFont(), GView::SetId(), GView::SetNotify(), GView::SetParent(), GWindow::SetPos(), GView::SetPos(), GView::Sunken(), GBytePipe::Write(), GRect::X(), GView::X(), GRect::x1, GRect::x2, GRect::Y(), GView::Y(), GRect::y1, GRect::y2, and GRect::ZOff().

Member Function Documentation

int GAbout::OnNotify ( GViewI *  Ctrl,
int  Flags 

Called when a child view or view with it's SetNotify() set to this window changes.

The event by default will bubble up to the GWindow at the top of the window heirarchy visiting each GView on the way. If it reaches a GView that processes it then the event stops propergating up the heirarchy.

Reimplemented from GView.

References GRect::Dimension(), GDialog::EndModal(), GWindow::GetPos(), IDOK, GRect::Offset(), GWindow::SetPos(), GRect::X(), GRect::x1, GRect::x2, GRect::Y(), GRect::y1, and GRect::y2.

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