LgiMain.cpp File Reference

#include "Lgi.h"
#include "GToken.h"


int LgiMain (OsAppArguments &AppArgs)
 The main entry point of a Lgi program.

Detailed Description

Matthew Allen

Function Documentation

int LgiMain ( OsAppArguments &  AppArgs  ) 

The main entry point of a Lgi program.

To hide the differences between the different OS's standard entry points for programs the file LgiMain.cpp implements a simple platform specific entry point and then calls LgiMain() to pass execution onto your program.

A simple LgiMain() looks like this:

    int LgiMain(OsAppArguments &Args)
        GApp *App = new GApp("application/x-MyProgram", Args);
        if (App && App->IsOk())
            App->AppWnd = new MyWindow;
            delete App;

        return 0;
AppArgs  The arguments passed in from the OS.

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