GXmlTree.h File Reference

#include "GHashTable.h"
#include "GRefCount.h"
#include "GDom.h"

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class  GXmlAttr
 Xml attribute, a named value. More...
class  GXmlTag
class  GXmlFactory
class  GXmlTree
 The reader/writer for a tree of GXmlTag objects. More...


#define GXT_NO_ENTITIES   0x0001
 Runtime option: Don't encode entities.
 Runtime option: Output minimal whitespace.
#define GXT_PRETTY_WHITESPACE   0x0004
 Runtime option: Output extra whitespace.
#define GXT_KEEP_WHITESPACE   0x0008
 Runtime option: Keep input whitespace.
#define GXT_NO_DOM   0x0010
 Runtime option: Don't create DOM heirarchy, just a list of tags.

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