GUtf8.h File Reference

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class  GUtf8Ptr
 Pointer to utf-8 string. More...
class  GUtf8Str
 Unicode string class. Allows traversing a utf-8 strings. More...


uint32 LgiUtf8To32 (uint8 *&i, int &Len)
 Convert a single utf-8 char to utf-32.
bool LgiUtf32To8 (uint32 c, uint8 *&i, int &Len)
 Convert a single utf-32 char to utf-8.
uint32 LgiUtf16To32 (char16 *&i, int &Len)
 Convert a single utf-16 char to utf-32.
void LgiUtf32To16 (uint32 c, char16 *&i, int &Len)
 Convert a single utf-32 char to utf-16.
void LgiNextUtf8 (char *&p)
 Seeks the pointer 'Ptr' to the next utf-8 character.
void LgiPrevUtf8 (char *&p)
 Seeks the pointer 'Ptr' to the previous utf-8 character.

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