GToolBar.h File Reference

Toolbar and Imagelist classes. More...

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class  GImageList
 A list of images/icons all the same size. More...
class  GToolButton
 Button on a GToolBar. More...
class  GToolBar
 A top level window toolbar. More...


#define IMGLST_SELECTED   0x0001
 GImageList::Draw() flag: Draw as selected.
#define IMGLST_DISABLED   0x0002
 GImageList::Draw() flag: Draw disabled.
#define IMGLST_GDC   0x0004
 GImageList::Draw() flag: Draw with GDC.
#define TBT_PUSH   0
 Push type toolbar button.
#define TBT_RADIO   1
 Radio type toolbar button, uses separators to define the domain.
#define TBT_TOGGLE   2
 Toggle type toolbar button.


LgiFunc GImageListLgiLoadImageList (char *File, int x, int y)
 Loads an image list from a file.
LgiFunc GToolBarLgiLoadToolbar (GViewI *Parent, char *File, int x=24, int y=24)
 Loads a toolbar from a file.

Detailed Description

Toolbar and Imagelist classes.

Matthew Allen

Function Documentation

LgiFunc GImageList* LgiLoadImageList ( char *  File,
int  x,
int  y 

Loads an image list from a file.

This requires that somewhere in your project you have the image codec to load the type of file you pass in. For instance if the file is a png, then include the Png.cpp file in your project. Uses LoadDC() internally.

File  The file to load
x  The width of the icons
y  The height of the icons

References LoadDC().

LgiFunc GToolBar* LgiLoadToolbar ( GViewI *  Parent,
char *  File,
int  x = 24,
int  y = 24 

Loads a toolbar from a file.

Parent  A parent window for error message boxes
File  The graphics file to load as the image list
x  The width of the icons
y  The height of the icons

References MB_OK, and GToolBar::SetBitmap().

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