i.Task is a little task viewer for Linux. Source is included under the LGPL license. The distribution includes binaries for GCC3 based systems and the source code. The external library Lgi is required to build from the source, but a binary of that is included.

0.20 [Stable]
Download: Bz2 [, 685K, 3/9/2004]

  • Added a status bar with total CPU%, Mem and a tasks count.
  • Added a copy command that outputs all the task information and totals to the clipboard in a nicely formatted text table.
  • Fixed a crash when a process exits during the update phase.
  • Added colour coding of tasks so you can see which belong to you.
  • Added a history tab for CPU and Mem usage.
0.12 [Unstable]
Download: Bz2 [, 661K, 10/6/2004]
0.11 [Unstable]
0.10 [Unstable]