InScribe is the low cost, full strength version of i.Scribe. The full version offers these features on top of the features in i.Scribe:


When you buy InScribe you get the current version (v2) for all platforms that Scribe exists on and free upgrades till (but not including) the next integer version (v3).

You will receive a registration code, that will unlock the software once you have downloaded it. Your key will only work with the name you provide for registration, but you can setup multiple profiles to allow you to send mail using another identity.

When you purchase via PayPal, the registration key and download URL are displayed at the end of the transaction, allowing you to install immediately (not applicable to eCheck payments as they have to clear first). The key and URL will also be emailed to you within 24 hours, barring unforeseen circumstances like local internet outage or email server outage.

If you already have i.Scribe installed you can install InScribe into the same folder without losing any data or settings. However it's always good practice to back up the initial installation up before installing a new software.


There have been recent issues with auto-generation of keys. However I think they are all fixed. In any case I'll generate the key manually and email it to you within 24hrs.
I'm currently testing Stripe payments. Don't use the Stripe buttons yet.
InScribe v2.x
1 user license
For new users
$10 USD
$10 USD
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InScribe v2.x Upgrade
1 user license
Requires existing v1.x key
$5 USD
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Some InScribe specific screenshots:

Account Identity Account List Accounts Filters Groupware Identity Menu Outlook Export