i.Hex is a small and free graphical Hex Editor for Windows. I got ticked off at all the lame shareware hex editors out there and just buckled down and wrote my own [lame] free hex editor ;).

This project is hosted on Github:

To check out the source:
git pull https://github.com/memecode/Lgi.git
git pull https://github.com/memecode/i.Hex.git
Windows x32 Linux x64
0.4 MiB, 20/9/2010

0.4 MiB, 1/3/2008

1.1 MiB, 4/10/2007

Outlook Users - Read This
Note: If you have 2GB Outlook folder and your wondering what "remove a few characters" means when using i.Hex then it means that you should change the value to something else, not delete the bytes (which i.Hex can't do anyway). To do this I suggest: I don't have any PST files to check this, but this is what I understand the repair 2gb PST page to mean (if anyone can confirm this I'd appreciate it). I don't have any more information, so asking me via email isn't going to help. Plus, if you havn't noticed, I don't work for Microsoft and therefor do not provide support for their software, especially since I have my own competing Email Software.
Todo List
Download And History
0.98 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows x32, 444K, 20/9/2010]

  • Added function to fill the selection with crypto strength random bytes. (With progress bar in MB/s!)
  • Added Edit menu, moved the find/findnext commands to it, added "Copy", "Paste" and "Select All" as well.
  • [Win32] Fixed the find window not putting the focus on the first edit control.
  • Added find in files functionality.
  • Added copy as hex method which converts the selection to hex and copies to the clipboard. As opposed the normal "copy" which copies as binary or text depending on the content of the selection.
  • Moved a bunch of string into the resource file which makes them translatable.
  • Added a "language" menu to change the translation, including a link to the webpage that describes how to translate LGI apps.
0.97 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows x32, 383K, 1/3/2008]
0.96 [Unstable]
0.95 [Stable]
Download: Binary [Linux x64, 1132K, 4/10/2007]
0.94 [Stable]
0.93 [Stable]
0.92 [Stable]
0.91 [Stable]
Download: Archive [Linux x64, 943K, 28/4/2006]
0.90 [Stable]
0.80 [Stable]
0.70 [Stable]
0.60 [Stable]
0.50 [Stable]
0.45 [Unstable]
0.41 [Stable]
0.40 [Stable]
0.30 [Stable]
0.20 [Stable]
0.10 [Stable]