MIDI Controller 1

The Memecode Controller 1 (MC1) is a hardware and software kit to build a MIDI controller that primarily targets the Fractal Audio Axefx Standard and Ultra series of effects processors. The kit enables someone with a basic understanding of circuits and soldering to put together a controller that closely meets their needs in terms of layout and dimensions while also have some Axefx specific functionality like tuner display, the ability to send and receive Axefx sysex commands and display the current patch name. If they also have an understanding of programming languages (specifically C) then they could modify the firmware even further to achieve specific functionality.

Overview of functions: Current requirements for firmware development: It's possible that other platforms can work, but that is a known good platform.
The firmware source code is provided with the kit. It's written in fairly modular C code and compiles for both the hardware platform and as a virtual desktop software controller that runs on a normal PC or Mac. This allows you to test changes on a desktop computer without having to go through the cycle of building the firmware and flashing it down onto the AVR chip that runs the hardware version of the controller. The hardware platform is the ET-AVR stamp from Futurlec which is basically an 8-bit AVR processor running at 16mhz.

Firmware features:
The original run of PCB's is now sold out. However if you want to fabricate your own PCB and use the software you can buy just the firmware and source and build all the hardware yourself. In this case all the files will be distributed to you electronically and there is no physical product to ship.

Options: 1) Software Only 2) Hardware
Price: $40 (no shipping) $75 + $10 shipping
Firmware binary+source Yes Yes
Desktop version binary+source Yes Yes
Circuit schematic/Gerber Yes Yes
Parts manifest Yes Yes
Build manual Yes Yes
External graphics files Yes Yes
Unpopulated PCB   Yes
Populated and tested PCB    
Components for the PCB    
12 Foot-switches    
10 x LEDs, 6 linear potentiometers    
LCD and ribbon cable    
ET-AVR Stamp    
ET-AVR ISP for flashing firmware    
Sold Out