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Author/Date Which download do I want?
15/06/2011 10:15pm
I've just purchased Inscribe and I'm unsure which download to go for.

I'm on Windows 7 and IE9, and 64bit

Could someone please advise me?

Thanks in advance.
16/06/2011 7:43am
Try inscribe-win32-v200-beta33.exe first and see how you go. Its been pretty stable for a lot of users, and it close to being the final v2.0 build.
16/06/2011 7:46am
It's a 32-bit build, but will run fine on Windows7-64bit. There is a 64-bit build that I'm working on right now. Currently it does run but it has a few issues. By the time the v2.00 final release is ready there will be both 32 and 64 bit versions on Windows.
18/06/2011 6:19am
Thanks fret.