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Benjamin Beirnaert
05/02/2003 11:58am
Hello Matthew,

I'm a great fan of your programs since years, I love the size and the speed of your applications (yes another addicted to

And now it is my turn. I would like to write a project managment application for SciTE (, who's, by the way, the best programer editor I know that lakes an addon to easily manage files.

So here is the situatuion. I'm a programmer used to scripting language, I know some Java, and I'm a good C++ console mode programmer. I need to make a Win32 app and I want to use Lgi of course.

What do you think is the best?
- Learn win32 programming then LGI?
- Learn MFC then LGI?
- Learn win32, MFC and then LGI?
- Learn LGI from the start?

I would prefer the last case of course, but then I think that I will need your help. I remember you wrote down some times ago 4 or 5 help pages that exmplain how to begin an app with lgi, but I didn't find them anymore. I already look (not very much I have to say) into the i.Mage and i.Ftp source code, but I do also remember that you used to share the Ted src which I think would be a better start for me.

Can you help me with this?

Nevertheless, thank you for inscribe which is incredible. Keep going, we will never thank you enough.

05/02/2003 5:55pm
IMHO Lgi is going to be an easier target to learn, as opposed to any of the other API's you mentioned. MFC doesn't really give you any more abstraction than Win32. It's just C++ instead. LGI happily hides things you don't need to know about. So on the surface it appears to be simpler.

But you should be aware of what LGI is doing under the hood. So maybe dabble in the Win32 API a bit just to understand the underlying system. But that is optional. It helps you understand what things like a GView are wrapping (a HWND in Win32).

LGI isn't foolproof, occasionally there the abstraction it provides has holes in it. I generally try and hide them though.

I'm sure you'll have lots of questions and I'm happy to try and help you out for a while.