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Author/Date 'NEW' not declared
29/09/2010 10:50am

I'm fairly new to Lgi and try to compile it under MinGW. However I get the following error message when compiling 'GWordStore':

src/common/Text/GWordStore.cpp:32: error: `NEW' was not declared in this scope

I tried to search for the missing define, but could find it only in 'include/linux/Y/GMem.h' and 'include/max/GMem.h', and not under Windows.

Am I missing something here? What am I doing wrong?
29/09/2010 11:11am
I stopped using NEW(), instead do this:
Object *Ptr = new Object;

I'll modify the code in svn not to use NEW() at all. (Commit is proceeding in the background).