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21/11/2002 4:54am
how do i choose between Ascii/Binary type of upload/download? now i.ftp does it all in binary, but cgi files need to be uploaded in ascii mode
21/11/2002 6:38am
If you edit the file in the correct format locally then it doesn't matter.

Text editors can do that now days... the whole ASCII / Binary thing isn't needed these days.

22/11/2002 10:00am
i can clearly see that you have never worked with CGI scripts before. trust me: it matters!
22/11/2002 10:43pm
This whole site is built with scripts... php ones. Same thing applies.

My text editor saves the files in the right format from the start, and the FTP program needs to do no conversion.

To my understanding all ASCII mode transfers do is format the line end characters to be native for the destination system.

But having re-read the RFC just for my peice of mind it says that all FTP implementations should support the ASCII format. Blah blah blha.

So I'll put a menu in to select which format... not that I agree with you... I still think everything should be binary and you should edit the file in the correct format, but the RFC is the standard and I believe in standards, even if they are out-dated and clunky.
22/11/2002 11:28pm
Check the new version out..

Let me know if it doesn't work.
06/12/2002 3:07am
great work!!
it does the trick for me. me entire page is also build on scripts (CGI) and this new feature makes iFTP my #1 upload tool. :)

i do however need to reupload your program to my database. it will show up on in a few hours...
09/06/2003 10:01pm
OK, we now have the ASCII/binary file type select, but what format do we put multiple files type in with ?



.php. .html, .include

or .....?

[sorry to be pedantic]
10/06/2003 6:16am
It uses a list of file patterns separated by ";" or "," or " ".


would work fine.