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Author/Date Building Lgi on Linux
21/10/2008 11:51am
Just so I don't forget for next time, this is what you do to setup your dependencies in Linux:

sudo apt-get install libx11-dev
sudo apt-get install libxft-dev
download+install libsharedmime
sudo apt-get install libcupsys2-dev
sudo apt-get install libpng12-dev

21/10/2008 12:12pm
Some other libs useful for optional parts of Lgi:

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
sudo apt-get install libjpeg62-dev
23/02/2010 2:35pm
Hi Matthew,
great work of course, just the GUI library I was looking for!
I'd like to share 2 small minor modifications to the source I had to do to get it compiling on Ubuntu Karmic:
1- src/linux/Lgi/GApp.cpp:356
to use the new xcb-util API:
                    for (int j=0; j< r->keycodes_per_modifier; j++)
                        xcb_keycode_t kc = map[i * r->keycodes_per_modifier + j];
                        xcb_keycode_t *NUM_LOCK   = xcb_key_symbols_get_keycode(KeyCfg.keysyms, XK_Num_Lock);
                        xcb_keycode_t *SHIFT_LOCK = xcb_key_symbols_get_keycode(KeyCfg.keysyms, XK_Shift_Lock);
                        xcb_keycode_t *CAPS_LOCK  = xcb_key_symbols_get_keycode(KeyCfg.keysyms, XK_Caps_Lock);

                        unsigned mask = 1 << i;
                        if (NUM_LOCK && kc == NUM_LOCK[0])
                            KeyCfg.numlockmask = mask;
                        else if (SHIFT_LOCK && kc == SHIFT_LOCK[0])
                            KeyCfg.shiftlockmask = mask;
                        else if (CAPS_LOCK && kc == CAPS_LOCK[0])
                            KeyCfg.capslockmask = mask;

2- src/common/INet/INet.cpp:56


presto, library compiled and the IDE works! again, thanks for the great lib!