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Author/Date Can compile, but apps are invisible
25/07/2008 4:03am
I want to use Lgi for my project; it seems to meet all of my requirements (C++, cross-platform, licensing, and an HTML component).

I'm on Windows XP, using MinGW (through Code::Blocks). I compiled a release version of the Lgi v3.02 (2007-10-04) library, with no external packages (all flags in Lgi.h set to 0), and I compiled an application. Specifically, I compiled i.Hex v0.95 (2007-10-04) and a test application based on the first page of the documentation. Neither of them had any errors - only a bunch of warnings about comparisons between unsigned and signed ints always evaluating to true, a bunch more about "malformed" #pragma statements involving push/pop, some about redefining WM_MOUSEWHEEL, and a few about missing initializers for GLanguage::Win32Id, GLanguage::OldId, and GLanguage::CodePage in [Lgi]/src/common/Resource/Res.cpp

However, when I try running either of the apps, nothing shows up. No windows, no taskbar entry, no visible indication whatsoever that the programs even ran at all. However, they show up in the Task Manager, and Code::Blocks doesn't register them as having exited. I tried running it through OllyDbg; I'm not very good with it, but I'm pretty sure that there weren't any glaring showstoppers. Also, the pre-compiled binary version of i.Hex available for download runs normally (that is, visibly). So, any ideas?