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28/09/2007 9:07pm

First of all, I've to thank you for your great app, i.Hex, and for giving it for free. I think it's a good hex editor, and I wanted to use it for my developments, but I mainly develop in Linux

However, I've tried to compile your last i.Hex version on Linux, and found it was badly broke, plus that I develop on a 64bit machine and had to change all (int) pointer references to (long). I finally made it compile, but it keeps throwing at my terminal an interminable list of lines like this one:

Trace: ::Lock timeout ask_thread=508904496 hold_thread=508904496 sem=1 count=1

...and generating a HUGE ihex.txt (a few seconds running the app, 200Mb :S)

Don't know what that means. The app loads, but whenever I try to click on any menu option, it crashes.

Do you have any i.Hex source functional on Linux? I can give you the fixed source (at least, it compiles without errors, and app starts to run :D) I know that 0.91 works, but I wanted to add a few features.

Thank in advance!
04/10/2007 6:38am
I've revisited i.Hex/Linux and got a current build off my svn trunk. With a 32-bit binary release.

I don't know about 64-bit support. It was built on a recent release of ubuntu under vmware FWIW. And it seems to be running well on that system.
04/10/2007 9:26am

Thanks for fixing it. I'll try and post again. About the 64 bits compatibility, it's only matter of change pointer typecast from int to long, I'll also try and post again, too.

04/10/2007 9:31am
Sorry, I didn't noticed you said in the svn trunk, so I think I'll wait then :D
04/10/2007 9:41pm
No, this build is the latest, with the most up to date source... no need to wait.