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Author/Date Making I.Scribe the default email
21/06/2007 1:28pm
If I go to a new windows xp machine, what steps do I take to make I.Scribe the default email. For example, if I click on an email link at a website, I want I.Scribe to be launched, and not, Outlook. Thanks!
21/06/2007 10:04pm
Make sure File->Options->General->Check Default email client at start is on, restart the client and it should ask you whether you want Scribe to be the default email client... click yes and then test a link from a webpage. Works for me.
23/12/2008 2:23pm
Default client in XP is not a problem.

Does anyone know how to do this in Vista? (Home Premium in my case but that may not be very different from other versions )