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Author/Date Trying to build i.hex
Toto Lebolo
20/04/2007 4:25am
I am trying to build i.hex with lgi in win32. lgi build fine but I have some trouble with i.hex. it expect files in ..\_common\include and ..\_win32\include. I changed the path to point to ..\lgi\include\common and \win32 but it didn't help.
20/04/2007 5:35am
I'll post current source and projects tonight... keep you posted.
20/04/2007 5:07pm
Thanks, that would be great...
21/04/2007 11:53am
Hahaha, we had no power last night!

So no work got done and I won't get another chance till next week to get the source all uploaded. If I forget just post again here and I'll do it.
23/04/2007 7:16pm
No problem, will wait, take care.
30/04/2007 5:05pm
I am interest in getting familiar with lgi library. the i.hex project looks to me a good entry to get into it. Let me know if you could upload some source that can be built easily. That would be great.
01/05/2007 12:00pm
Ok the source is now online. Go to the i.Hex page and download both the source packages for v0.94 and unpack them into the same folder. Then build the i.Hex Visual C++ workspace. You'll need the various dependencies for Lgi (iconv, lgipng, libjpeg, zlib) installed somewhere and includable.
01/05/2007 5:42pm
Thanks much, I'll start playing with...