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Author/Date In Filter dialog: unable to add "And" condition ("..." doesn't work)
30/10/2023 9:14am
In the filter dialog, the "+" button creates an "Or" condition by default.
In the "Or" and "And" conditions, the "..." button does nothing.
31/10/2023 8:29am
On my windows dev build it shows a little drop down menu allowing you to change the type of node (and -> or, or -> and).

Which build are you using?
31/10/2023 10:12am
I'm using the v3.2.0 release.
02/11/2023 11:14am
v4.3.1 has the same issue.
02/11/2023 11:15am
actually v3.1
02/11/2023 12:38pm
I'm assuming windows...

Can you check 3.2 as well? There are a lot of changes in 3.2.

Are you able to create a video of the issue?
06/11/2023 10:09pm
As I was trying to duplicate this, I noticed that the placement of the And / Or selection is not consistent. Sometimes it appears next to the condition and sometimes it appears at the bottom of the screen well away from the initial condition. It seems that the placement is more accurate when the condition is near the top of the Conditions list. The ones that don't work are around 30th or 40th in the list.
I'll send an image through email.