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Author/Date HOW do I RUN it in Ubuntu???
23/04/2020 5:14pm
"There is no application installed for "shared library files"I click search in software and it doesn't find anything. Why is this so complicated??
28/04/2020 10:01am
This is Ubuntu being an asshole. Or buggy. Pick your level of maliciousness.

Solution is to create a text file in the folder, say called "run-scribe" that contains:


Then from the terminal make it executable:

chmod 755 ./run-scribe

Then try double clicking the 'run-scribe' file instead of scribe. The archive that I ship has the correct flags set on the executable. There is little I can do about Ubuntu's issues.
Robert Köhn
17/05/2020 11:05am
Hi, trying to install it, but nothing works. Dont understand your advice with scribe and run-scribe. Changing from Windows to Linux. Please help me to install it. Rob