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Author/Date i.File feature request
24/03/2006 1:17pm

I'm using from time to time i.File, when I need a light filemanager, and I would like to propose a small feature.

It would be to have the same item filtre as scribe in the list view of i.File.
This would be great to allow this kind of filtering.

Also another interesting feature, would be to allow to find/select a file in the view by typing its first characters.

What do you think about this? would it cost a lot (speed/size/responsivness) to integrate it?

I don't push you to do it, I know you have quit other things to take care of with scribe, but if one day you change i.File, here is some ideas ;-)

26/03/2006 9:58am
These ideas are good, but your right, it'll be a while before I get around to them.